Wednesday, December 7, 2016

About me(l)

This is the image of an object that I would like my peers to associate me with. 
Hi, everyone!😀My name is Adabel Teoh Yujia. You can call me Adabel or simply just Belle. I like to read story books. Mystery, fantasy and science fiction are some of the books that interests me the most📚. Another activity that I enjoy doing is dancing💃.Although I may not be good at it I am willing to learn and give it a shot. So, I will probably join SST's dancing CCA and try to improve my dancing skills. I like to play different types of sports such as basket ball, badminton and to roller skate. One of my favourite pastimes is baking🎂 because it helps me relax and helps me to relieve all my stress. In the end there is still delicious deserts to eat. Some people say that I am a very cheerful girl🙋and will always cheer others up when they are down or upset. Others say that I am a very determined person not giving up easily before I finish the given task. I won't accept defeat that easily or give up for some reason. I will persevere until the task is done or until my goal has been achieved. I don't think I have any special behaviour to let you all take note of so you don't have to worry about that. I enjoy talking to people as I can interact with more people with different personalities and make more friends so I won't be so lonely in school. I usually do tend to be a little bit quicker in getting into action but it might be a bad thing as I might not make the right decision in such a short period of time. But at the same time it might not always be a bad thing too. If i do thing quickly I can get them to be done faster and not worry so much about it after I am done with it. Now that I have introduced myself to my future classmates and teachers, I am looking forward to learning more about you guys and hope we can have an amazing year in SST!😄

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