Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A video clip that caught my attention

The title of this video clip is " Can I Still Eat This? "

This video clip emphasizes on food wastage and why we waste so much food. Some of the food we throw away can still be eaten but because it looks weird and disgusting, we mistake them for inedible food and in the end throw them away.

What I learned from this video clip 
- I learned that we shouldn't judge a book by its cover and throw away food that is still edible and safe to consume.
- I learned that some of the expiry dates on foods are not accurate for example canned food. Canned food can last for years but the expiry date on them just states the date that they encourage you to consume it before but that doesn't mean that it is not edible after that.
- I learned that once you see mold on your food, it is not edible anymore and should be thrown away. Mold is dangerous and harm your body so you cannot consume any food with mold growing on it.

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